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Mobile Water Treatment Complex

Our newest development — mobile water treatment complex of 10 m3/hour capacity (MVK-10).

MVK-10 is a completely assembled compact water treating system designed as a container.


  • Drinking water supply in emergency conditions, during natural disasters, technogenic accidents
  • It is recommended for use at settlements with small number of inhabitants (field camps, large construction sites, tourist camps site etc.)


  • Container version and plant on autochassis
  • Delivery to the site by any kind of transportation
  • Can be started-up within several hours
  • Autonomous power supply
  • Low operational costs
  • Requires little area for installation
  • Complete factory assembly


MVK-10-1 (installed on a car) Technological block
Control panel
Technological block
Mud room
Technological block
Pressure flotation plant
Technological block
Filtration assembly

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