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Filtering Protective Clothes

Set of Vented Special Clothes VSO

TU KYAVP.123.00.000

Комплект вентилируемой специальной одежды ВСО It is designed for protection of human skin, respiratory apparatus and eyes against paints, aerosols and toxic organic vapors. The set can be used at packing of toxic and non-toxic dust products. The set should be used together with hands and legs protective means.


  • Overalls (antistatic, filtering cloth)
  • Air distributor with PVC tubes system
  • Hard hat-mask
  • Liner made of filtering cloth

Service life is not less than 6 months.

Suit «EKRAN-2B»

TU 8572-157-00209600-02

Coat «EKRAN»

Suit «EKRAN-2B» Designed for protection against electromagnetic radiation within the frequencies range from 10 KHz to 10 KHz in any industry. Produced from cotton-polyester fabric with inclusion of antistatic reinforced current-carrying threads. The lining is made of 100% cotton.

The complete suit includes:

  • Overalls (the front part is additionally protected)
  • Hood with pelerine
  • Gloves with cuffs
  • Socks

The coat is single-breasted with a half-belt, buttoned, with patch pockets, turn-down collar, sleeves with cups and buttons.

Dustprotective Set of Clothes PZOI-1 and PZO-2

TU 979-90.00.000

Dustprotective Set of Clothes PZOI-1 and PZO-2 Designed for human skin protection against carbon dust, technical carbon, dust chemicals etc. The sets are made of mixed structure fabric with special furnish (dustproof properties up to 6-8 hours) and used together with a breathing mask and goggles.


  • PZO-1
    • Jacket with hood
    • Trousers
    • Gloves
  • PZO-2
    • Overalls with hood
    • Gloves

Waistcoat for sand-jet worker

Waistcoat for sand-jet worker Used completed with dustprotective clothes PZO-1, PZO-2 and means of head and face protection.

The waistcoat is made with lateral clasps, high band-collar with a string. Forefront is made of rubberized material, back is made of dustproof fabric of mixed type.

Set of filtering protective clothes

TU FZO-MP 974-8900.000
TU FZO-MP-A 8572-155-00209600-02

Set of filtering protective clothes Designed for protection of human skin against vapors of highly toxic substances (hydrazine and its derivants, nitric oxides, amines etc.) at toxic substances concentration up to 0.1 g/m3. Set FZO-MP-A will additionally protect against aniline vapors. The sets are of multiple use. Should be worn together with means of respiratory protection and protective footwear.

The set is two-layered: upper layer is made of cotton-lavsan water-and acid proof fabric, inner layer — a cotton chemical proof fabric with special protective impregnation. Both the layers are stitched into the sutures.


  • Jacket with hood
  • Trousers
  • Linen made of cotton (inner jacket, trousers)
  • Gloves

Protective set KSO


Protective set KSO Designed for human skin protection against the effect of diluted and concentrated inorganic acids (up to 98% of sulfur acid, 75% of nitric acid, 37% of hydrochloric acid, 98% phosphoric acid) and organic acids. The set is made of bonded fabric based on chemabsorption fibers and should be used together with respiratory masks, goggles and protective footwear. The forefront of the set is additionally protected.


  • Jacket
  • Stitched hood
  • Trousers

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