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Insulating gas masks on fixed oxygen

Principle of operation is based on absorption of exhaled carbon dioxide and moisture and simultaneous oxygen emission inside the gas mask. Gas masks are reusable means of protection provided the regenerative cartridge is replaced after every use. Gas masks IP-4M, IP-4P, IP-5, IP-6 can be used in chemical, metallurgical, oil-and-gas, coal industries, in closed room during liquidation of accidents results, repairs operations etc. in the atmosphere impossible for respiration, completed with individual means of skin protection (suits, hoods).


  • Facial part
  • Corrugated tube
  • Regenerative cartridge with starter
  • Respiratory sack with overpressure valve
  • Bag for storage and carrying

Attention: gas masks and regenerative cartridges are delivered separately.


TU VT 8-083.000 


TU TSKE 8.034.000 

ИП-4М Completeness:

  • Facial part MIA-1 (made in three body heights)
  • Regenerative cartridge (RP-4-01, RP-7, RP-4-01R)
  • Non misting films
  • Insulating baffles
  • Intercom

* Gas mask IP-4P may be delivered without intercom.


ИП-5 The gas mask is used as rescue means at:

  • escaping of the sunk vehicles (quiet emersion)
  • fulfillment of easy underwater works (to 7 meters of depth)
  • protection of respiratory apparatus, eyes, facial skin and head in the atmosphere impossible for respiration.


  • facial part SHIP-M (made in three body heights)
  • regenerative cartridge RP-5M
  • briquettes of additional oxygen supply —2 pieces (delivered separately)
  • non-misting films
  • corrugated tube
  • breastplate


ИП-6 Completeness:

  • facial part MIA-1 with intercom
  • regenerative cartridge RP-6
  • non-misting films
  • insulating baffles
  • case with waist belt


Description IP-4M IP-4R IP-5 IP-6
Protective action time on-land, min., not less than:
during works 40/75
40 75 40
in calm condition (waiting for help) 180 180 200 150
Protective action time underwater, min., not less than:
during works     90  
in calm condition     120  
Breathing resistance, PA, not more than 1176   980 1176
Working temperatures range, °С:
on land –40…+40 –40…+40 –40…+40 –20…+50
under water     –+1…+30  
Weight, kg, not more than 4.0 3.5 5.2 3.6
Warranty shelf life, years:
gas mask without the cartridge 5 5 5 5
regenerative cartridge 7/5
5 7 5

Insulating regenerative respirator on compressed oxygen R-300

TU 3146-001-05756688-94

Insulating regenerative respirator on compressed oxygen R-300 Designed for protection of human respiratory apparatus against harmful effect of the atmosphere impossible for respiration. It is used during rescue operations. The respirator is a reusable means.


  • case for storage and carrying
  • regenerative cartridge (HPI)
  • respiratory sack with overpressure valve
  • two hoses of inhale and exhale
  • heat exchanger
  • 2 liter oxygen balloon

Attention: the respirator is delivered without regenerative cartridge and oxygen.

Upon Customer's request the respirator may be completed with curb adapter or respiratory mask PM-88M.


Parameter Value
Protective action time, min., not less than 240
Oxygen pressure in the balloon, mPA 20
Working temperatures range, °С –20…+60
Weight of the equipped respirator, kg 11.0
Warranty shelf life, years 1.5

* Average service life before writing off is 10 years

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