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Hose insulating gas masks

Designed for protection of human respiratory apparatus, eyes and head against any harmful impurities in the independent on their concentration, as well as for working in conditions of insufficient oxygen in the working zone. Time of protective action is not limited. By the method of air supply the hose gas masks can be nonpressure and with forced air supply.

PSH-1, PSH-1B-10, PSH-1B-20

TU 6-00-05795748-232-96


TU 2568-194-05808014-99

PSH-1 Nonpressure insulating respirators. Air is supplied under the facial part through a hose pipe from clean zone due to inhaling by the person.


  • Facial part (helmet-mask SHMP or panoramic mask PPMI-88)
  • Two connecting corrugated tubes
  • Rubber reinforced hose of 10 (20) meters
  • Filtering element
  • Ammunition (rescue belt with shoulder straps and signalingi-rescue cord of 13, 15, 23 meters)
  • Bag for PSH-1, drum with support for PSH-1B, PSH-1B-10, PSH-2B-20, PSH-20B.

PSH-2-20, PSH-2-40, PSH-2-20H2

TU 6-00-05795731-249-96

PSH-10RV, PSH-20RV, PSH-40 RV, PSH-20RV-2,PSH-20-ERV, PSH-40-ERV, PSH-20-ERV-2

TU 2568-195-05808014-99

PSH-2 Respirators with forced air supply (one or two-channel). The air is supplied under the facial part through the hose pipe from the zone of clean air.


  • Facial part (one or two sets of helmet-mask SHMP or panoramic mask PPM-88 (PM88))
  • One or two rubber reinforced hoses of 20 (40) meters
  • Blower (RV- hand drive, ERV- electro-hand drive)
  • Connecting corrugated tubes (two or four)
  • Ammunition (rescue belt with shoulder straps and signaling-rescue cord of 12, 23, 25 meters)

Helmet MIOT-49

TU 1-01-0521-81

It is an insulating (hose) type of products. It is connected to air compressor lines with clean air continuous supply under the helmet of the worker.

Designed for protection of human respiratory apparatus, eyes, face and head of those working in conditions of hardly dusty medium (to be worn together with dustproof clothes PZO-1, PZO-2 and jet-sand worker's waistcoat)


  • Tight fabric helmet with pelerine (sight glass 120x80 mm)
  • Cushion head
  • Belt with clasp (sealing)
  • Air supply hose (rubber)
  • Weight not more than 1.3 kg

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