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Light-weight anti-gas-aerosol respirators

Light weight anti-gas-aerosol respirators are designed for protection of human respiratory apparatus against gaseous and vaporous harmful agents at their concentration in the air up to 5 maximum concentration limits and against aerosols at their concentration not more than 100 mg/m3 and oxygen volume content not less than 17%.

The respirators are made under marks A, V, AVI, KD, G.



TU 6-00-05795748-197-95

The respirator consists of valveless filtering-absorbing half-mask with a spreader, head-band, nasal clamp

KAMA-2000 GP

TU 6-00-05795731-328-99

The respirator consists of inner (filtering and absorbing) layers, coating made of bonded fabric, exhale valve, spreader, head-band, nasal clamp.



TU 2568-019-05795731-99

The respirator consists of inner (filtering and absorbing) layers, coating (polyurethane foam), exhale valve, spreader, head-band, nasal clamp.

Respirators Technical Characteristics

Parameter U-2GPm Uralets-GP Kama-2000 GP
Resistance to continuous air flow at volume rate 30 dm3/min, PA, not more than 78 58 93
Permeability factor on an oil mist, %, not more than 0.8 0.8 0.8
Weight, g, not more than 60 45 60
Warranty shelf-life, years, not less than
Marks A, V, AVI, KD 3 3 3
Marks G 1 1 1

Respirators Application

Mark Protects against U-2GPm Uralets-GP Kama-2000 GP
A Organic vapors (petrol, kerosene, xylene, toluene, ethylchlorohydrin, carbon bisulphide, alcohols, ketones, benzene and its homologues, nitro-and amino compounds of benzene and its homologues, chlorine and organophosphorus toxic chemicals), aerosols + + +
V Acid gases and vapors (sulfur dioxide, sulfur hydride, chlorine, hydrogen chloride etc.), aerosols +   +
AVI Radioactive aerosols, organic vapors, acid gases and vapors, iodine, methyl iodide, aerosols.     +
KD Ammonia, sulfur hydride and their mixtures, aerosols + + +
G Mercury vapors, mercury containing toxic chemicals, aerosols   +  

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