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Industrial filtering gas masks

Industrial filtering gas masks are designed for individual protection of human respiratory apparatus, eyes and face against gaseous and vaporous hazardous agents and aerosols (dust, smoke, fog).

Gas masks are used at volume content of the known hazardous agent not more than 0.5 % and volume content of oxygen not less than 18 %.

Gas masks are supplied with helmet-masks SHMP, panoramic masks PPM-88 or masks MGP (MGP-V).

Modular industrial filtrating gas mask PPFM-92

TU  6-00-05795748-196-95

Modular industrial filtrating gas mask PPFM-92

  • High protection efficiency at small dimensions of absorbing box
  • Multi-variant application
  • Improved operating parameters
  • Several marks of absorbing elements (A, A2, V, V2, S, K, K2, KD, KD2, G)
  • Possibility of simultaneous protection against different harmful impurities without reduction of protection time against each impurity
  • Increased time of protective action against organic vapor, ammonia, nitric oxides (due to application of special absorbers)
  • Easiness in use


  • Facial part made as helmet-mask or panoramic mask
  • Two absorbing elements or one absorbing element + one filtering element (protection against aerosols)
  • Bag for storage and carrying

Small gas mask PFMG-96

TU 6-00-05795748-244-96

Small gas mask PFMG-96

  • Can be used in all kinds of production
  • Can be during evacuation from an accident zone
  • High protective characteristics
  • Convenient in use (the box is fixed to the facial part without connecting tube)


  • Facial part made as helmet-mask or panoramic mask
  • Anti-gas box without anti-aerosol filter, with built-in filter or with a replaceable filtering element
  • Bag for storage and carrying

The gas mask is produced in three versions:

  1. with small size absorbing box MK (small)
  2. with small size absorbing box MK-1 (super small) — with improved ergonomic parameters of respiratory resistance and weight
  3. with small size filtering-absorbing box of MK-2 (small with built-in filter) — to be used for protection against high hazardous and fine aerosols.

*Gas masks may be completed with filters DOT 250 and DOT 460 or with combined filters DOT 220 TU 2568-133-05795731-2003.

Medium gas mask PFSG-98 Super

TU 6-00-05795731-270-98

Medium gas mask PFSG-98 Super

  • good protection at high concentrations of hazardous agents
  • small dimensions and weight of absorbing boxes
  • low respiratory resistance
  • protective performances are same as of a gas mask with big absorbing boxes.


  • facial part (helmet-mask or panoramic mask)
  • anti-gas box without anti-aerosol filter or with built-in filter
  • connecting tube
  • bag for carrying and storage

Gas masks are made in three versions:

  1. with medium size absorbing box FG-1 (FG-1 is used together with filtrating element — system FG-1P — for simultaneous protection against aerosols)
  2. with medium size absorbing box FG-2 (FG-2 is used together with filtrating element — system FG-2P — for simultaneous protection against aerosols to simultaneous protection against aerosols, except for marks M and SO)
  3. with filtering-absorbing box FGP.

* Gas masks may be completed with filters DOT 780 or with combined filters DOT.

Противогаз большого габарита

Big gas mask

GOST 12.4.121-83

It is used for protection against aerosols (big boxes may be supplied with anti-aerosol filter, except for marks M, SO, FOS).

Facial masks for industrial filtrating gas masks

Mask MGP
  • Panoramic mask PPMI-88 — is equipped with panoramic view glass, intercom, head-band, obturator.
  • Mask MGP (MGP-V) is equipped with intercom, head-band, obturator. The mask is equipped with drinking device.
  • Helmet-mask SHMP fully covers the head.

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