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Means of eyes protection

  • Open goggle:
    OO2m-76 (U, V, G, D), O-34 (U, V), OD-2 (V, G), O2-76 (U, V, D), O-13 (LSO)

  • Close goggle with indirect ventilation:
    ZN-54 (U), ZN-62 (T, V, G), Z- 18 (V, G), ZN4 (O), ZNR1 (T, D, S), ZN-13 (T), ZN5 (G), ZND 3 (V, G), ZND 2 (V, G)

  • Tight goggle for operation in aggressive air environment:
    ZN9F, ZNG-2 (PO), ZNG 1

  • Close goggles with direct ventilation:
    ZP 12 (U), ZP 1 (U), ZP 8, ZP 2 (LSO)

  • Glasses for protection against laser radiation:
    ZN 62 (L17), ZN-22 (SZ-S22), ZN-46 (ZHS4), ZND 4 (SZS22 S23)

  • Means of protection against radio-frequency emission:
    OPZ-5, NS5-R

  • Screened goggle OKZ (D, P)

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