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Means of face protection

Shields for electric welders

GOST 12.4.035-78

Shields are used for protection of eyes and face against effect of arc radiation during electric welding, metal splashes and sparks. Reliable protection of head frontal part against probable blows at work.

The light filters block includes integumentary glass, light filter (glass of TS-3 mark, density from C4 to C9, size 121x69 mm) and padding glass.

Shields are equipped with the system of the housing fixing on head in two positions: working and lifted.


NN-12 (chameleon)
NN-12 (chameleon)

  • NN-7,
  • PN-4 (novelty),
  • SPEEDGLAS 9000 (Sweden),
  • «XELUXE CLASSIC» (Switzerland).

Face protection shields

GOST 12.4.023-84

For protection of face and eyes against solids and nonaggressive liquids.


  • NBT-1,
  • NBT-2,
  • NBTP,
  • NS-1 (T),
  • NSP 1,
  • KS-2.

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