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Medical protection means

Are used for prevention / reduction of injuring factors.

Individual first-aid kit AI

GOST 23267-78

Аптечка индивидуальная АИ Designed for self-help (mutual aid) with purpose of prevention or reduction injuries caused by:

  • Radioactive agents
  • Poisoning agents or hazardous chemicals
  • Prevention of infectious diseases

The kit includes a set of 5 medical items:

  1. protective agent No.1 (cystamine — 2 packs)
  2. antiemetic agent (aethaperazinum — 1 pack)
  3. antibacterial agent No.1 (tetracycline — 2 packs)
  4. protective agent No.2 (potassium iodide — 1 pack)
  5. antibacterial agent No.2 (sulfadimetoxine — 1 pack)

Warranty shelf life — 3 years.

Complete bag of sanitary instructor

Complete bag of sanitary instructor Designed for rendering the first medical aid to injured and attacked (designed for 25-30 persons).


  • medicines
  • bandaging material
  • medical accessories

Weight — 5 kg.

Individual bandaging packages

IPP-1 GOST 1179-93
PPI of mark AV-3 TU 9393-001-17777359-98

Designed for rendering first medical aid.

IPP-1 GOST 1179-93 PPI of mark AV-3 TU 9393-001-17777359-98

Completeness EII-1:

  • bandage (7 cm х 7 m)
  • bolsters — 2 pieces.

Completeness PPI of mark AV-3:

  • elastic bandage
  • small bolsters of bonded fabrics

The inner surface of the packages covers (sterile) is used for making tight bandages.

Warranty shelf life — 5 years.

Individual anti-chemical package

IPPI-11 TU 9398-110-04872702-99

Individual anti-chemical package Designed for prevention of skin- resorptive injuries by droplet-liquid poisoning and chemically hazardous agents through open skin areas, as well as for degassing of these agents on skin and clothes, on individual protection means, tools etc.

After applying on skin, the protective effect remains within 24 hours.

Working temperature range is -20 to +50 °С.

Is produced as a tight package with a tampon made of bonded fabric sodden with anti-chemical agent.

Warranty shelf life — 5 years.

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