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Means of skin protection

Means of protection are used together with filtering gas masks.

Light-weight protective suit L-1

TU 17 RSFSR 04-5656-82

Light-weight protective suit L-1 Designed for protection of skin, clothes and footwear against:

  • weapons of mass destruction (PG, RD, BA)
  • long effect of toxic agents and toxic dust
  • petroleum and petroleum products
  • harmful biological factors

Suit L-1 may be used in any industry during degassing, decontamination, disinfecting and hydrotechnical operations within the temperature range from -45 to +36 °С.

Suit L-1 is made of rubberized fabric Т 15, Т 15k of grey color, UNKL — of green color. Seams are glued with a special protective strip. Sizes from 48-50 to 56-58.


  • magyar trousers with stockings
  • jacket with a hood
  • two-finger gloves (two pairs)
  • bag for storage

Warranty shelf life — 10 years.

General army protective set OZK

General army protective set OZK Designed for protection of skin and for wearing during actions in the atmosphere contaminated with poisoning or chemically hazardous agents.


  • protective raincoat OP-1 TU 17RSFSR 04-6788-84 (made in 4 sizes)
  • stockings TU 17RSFSR 04-6980-84 (3 sizes)
  • gloves BL-1 (TU 17RSFSR 04-5656-82)

Warranty shelf life — 10 years.

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