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Means of respiratory protection

Filtering gas mask VK

TU 6-00-40905366-048-2000

Filtering gas mask VK Gas mask VK is an alternative to civil gas mask GP-7 (GP-7V) with additional cartridge DPG-3.

Gas mask VK is designed for protection of the Ministry of Emergencies forces, population and industrial staff during emergencies against:

  • Poison gases (PG)
  • Hazardous biological agents (HBA)
  • Radioactive dust (RD)
  • Hazardous chemicals (HC)
  • Ammonia, dimethylamine, mirbane oil, carbon bisulphide, lead tetraethyl, phenol, cyanohydrogen, furfurol, phosgene, ethane thiol, chlorine, hydride of sulfur, hydrogen chloride etc.


  • Mask MGP (MGPV)
  • Box VK (universal protective system VK)
  • Connecting tube
  • Bag for carrying and storage


  • Gas mask VK may be used for protection of industrial staff during emergencies
  • Improved ergonomic parameters (the box dimensions and weight are less, but the protection level is equal to that of GP-7k version completed with additional cartridge DPG-3)
  • Reduced number of assemblies UZS VK
  • Increased operating reliability (due to reduced number of thread connections)
  • Easier storage and giving out rules. Civil and children gas masks shall be stored separately of the additional cartridges DPG-3.

Universal protective system VK (UZSVK)

TU 802700-048-0579531-00

UZS VK is an alternative to filtering-absorbing system of civil gas masks GP-7 (GP-7V), consisting of box GP-7k, additional cartridge DPG-3 and connecting tube.

UZS VK is designed for filtering the air from PG, HBA, RD, HC: ammonia, diethyl amine, mirbane oil, carbon bisulphide, lead tetraethyl, phenol, cyan of hydrogen, furfurol, phosgene, ethane thiol, chlorine, sulfur hydride, hydrogen chloride etc.

  • Box VK
  • Connecting tube


  • Gas mask VK is certified by Gosstandart of the Russian Federation, certificate No. ROSS RU.AYA43.V64343
  • For UZS VK there is issued the voluntary certificate of the Russian Ministry of Emergencies No. ROSS RU.ECHV.SN00020

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