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Today we'd like to offer a new product used in oil outflow liquidation in mining, transportation, processing, using, storing etc:

Sorption boom

Used for:
  • Banding potential oil outflow sites
  • Absorption different types of iol products, spilled in water
  • Protective shield of any equipment asa source of potential outflow

Sizes as stated by customer

Sorption boom We created special filling for the sorption booms unique ecologically clean activated carbon type AU-E, derived with special technology. It has a range of advantages:

  • environmental safety
  • dispersity
  • low price

Developed pore structure enables this boom to catch oil products with different film thickness.

Different types of sorbents, produced by PLC Sorbent can be used for oil products and oil outflow liquidation


  • activated carbon type AU-E, Spec. 2162-054-05795791-00
  • activated carbon types OU-V, OU-G, a-USS 4453-74

Coal-based carbons:

  • activated carbon type UAF Spec. 6-16-2409-80

Character features of oil sorbents produced PLC Sorbent are the following:

  • environmental safety
  • dispersity
  • low price
  • wide variety of usage

All oil sorbents have hydrophobic behavior and floatage needed.

The best oil sorbent by price/oil capacity index is activated carbon AU-E.

The product can be utilized in boiler-houses or bury in special places, filling up with sand or impregnation with special bacteria for decomposition of the absorbed oil products.

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