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Mercury vapors absorber

TU 6-17-579539-112-90

HPR mark chemical absorber, produced on the activated carbon basis.


Parameter Absorber Mark
Appearance Cylindrical dark-grey or black granules
Basic particle size, mm, % 0.5—1.5 1.0—2.8 1.0—2.8
Dynamic activity on ammonia, min., not less than 30 25 25
Abrasion strength, %, not less than 75 75 75
Water weight content, %, not more than 5 5 5
Chloric iron weight content, g/dm3, not less than 18 18 30

Warranty period 5 years provided storage conditions observed.


  • HPR-3M, HPR-3
    For equipment individual devices of respiratory protection against mercury and mercuric compounds vapors.
  • HPR-3P
    Industrial gases and ventilation exhausts cleaning against mercury vapors.

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