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Domestic charcoal briquettes TU 2162-246-05795731-2006

Domestic charcoal briquettes
Briquettes are specially developed for usage in fireplaces and food industry. At use briquettes are nonflammable, have a high heat emission to 6500 kcal/kg and don't emit harmful substances at burning.

Charcoal briquettes are fine wood charcoal fraction to 4 mm with addition of a special ecological binding material, which during manufacturing process pressed into pieces of the regular oval shape.

The geometric sizes of briquettes are 50,5x50,7x26 mm. Weight of briquettes is 25 grams.

For firing briquettes use special matches, liquid for firing or add it in the fire.

The raw material is ecological birch. During burning the product doesn't emit harmful substances and smells. It allows making kebabs or barbecuing at home.

A standard package of JSC "Sorbent" charcoal briquettes contains 3 kg of product (about 120 briquettes). Burning time is up to 4 hours. Combustion temperature is 650 C.

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