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Activated charcoal SPDK-27D

TS (technical specification) 922406-002-ОP.-95

Activated charcoal SPDK-27D was designed in 1993-1995 at the time of realization the Program on protection of population from ecological catastrophes, connected with the toxical agents getting into drinking water reservoir.

Activated carbon is manufactured by two-stage thermal treatment and activation stage. Developed porous structure and high sorption activity contribute to effective water treatment from technogenic admixtures, smells and flavor.

Activated charcoal SPDK-27D has a proper capacity for drawing out the water in major degree highly toxic xenobiotics (dioxins, benzopyrenes, polychlorinated and polyaromatic hydrocarbons.) Activated charcoal SPDK-27D also sorps phenols, pesticides, oil-products, heavy metal compounds out of the water and draws smells and flavor out of the water.

Pure water corresponding the demands of European quality standards is a result of activated charcoal SPDK-27D application.

Activated charcoal SPDK-27D is powdered material designed for a single application by carbonization method in treatment systems of different types.

High quality and a number of advantages of earlier domestically produced and foreign brands of activated carbons are confirmed by tests onto water treatment plants in the cities of Perm and Ufa.


Parameter Standard
Mechanical parameters
Granules size, mm, less than

Adsorption activity by methylene blue, mg/gr, not less than
Adsorption activity by molasses, mg/gr, not more than
Mass part of ferrous compounds soluble in water,% no
Chemical parameters
Mass part of water, %, not more than
Mass part of ash, %, not more than


Warranty period shall be 3 years provided storage conditions observed.

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