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Powdered Cleaning Activated Charcoal OU-A

GOST 4453-74

Powdered Cleaning Activated Charcoal OU-A OU-A has highly developed general porosity, wide range of pores and significant quantity of specific absorption surface (more than 1200 m2 per 1 g of carbon).

OU-A is ideal for treating and cleaning different liquids and solutions (especially from organic admixtures with medium and high molecular weight).


Parameter Standard
Appearance Fine black powder
Absorption activity on methylene blue, mg/g, not less than 225
Absorption activity on molasses, %, not less thans 100
Ash weight content, % not more than 10
Moisture weight content, %, not more than 10
Water soluble ash weight content, %, not more than 2
Reduction ratio, oversize on the 100 mcm mesh sieve, %, not more than 5
Ferrous compounds weight content converted to Fe, %, not more than 0.2
Water soluble ferrous compounds content no

Warranty period shall be 3 years provided the storage conditions observed.

Areas of application:

  • carbonization;
  • producing of alcohol and low alcohol drinks. Clearing of wines;
  • clearing and deodorization of oils and fats ;
  • production of citric, lactic and other acids ;
  • cleaning of starch-molasses solutions, sugar syrups, glucose, xylite;
  • manufacturing of mineral oils, chemicals and paints ;
  • industrial drains treatment ;
  • liquidation of oil and oil-products spills ;
  • flotation of mineral ores;
  • cleaning of solutions for making of medicines ;
  • manufacturing of coal pills, antibiotics, blood-substitutes and others.

Possible areas of application: clarification of plasticizers, carrying agent of catalysts.

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