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Crushed activated carbon, impregnated by Ag


TS (technical specification) 2162-268-05795731-2006

Activated carbons brands KAUSORB-213 and KAUSORB-222 are manufactured by impregnation of activated carbons brands KAUSORB-212, KAUSORB-221 by Ag.

Depending on purpose there are two brands of activated carbon:

  • KAUSORB-213 (fine)
  • KAUSORB -222 (rough)


Parameter Standard
Appearance Granules of dark-gray or black color without any foreign admixtures
Granules size, mm:
> 3,6, %, not more than - 55,0
< 1,5,%, not less than - 44,0
Tray, not more than - 1,0
3,6 no -
> 2,0 mm, %, not more than 10,0 -
1,5 mm not registered -
< 1,0 mm, %, not less than 30 -
>0,5 mm, %, not more than 10 -
Tray, not more than 1,0 -
Mass part of Ag, % 0,06-0,1
Adsorption activity on iodine, mg/gr, not less 1100 1000
Mass part of ash, %, not more than 5,0 5,0
Mass part of moisture, %, not more than 10,0 10,0
Abrasion strength, %, not less than 90 90
Apparent density, gr/dm3,%, not more than not registered
Adsorbtion activity by methylene blue, mg/gr, not less than 190 -
Manganese content in the water treated by carbon, % not more than 0,1 -

Warranty period shall be 3 years provided storage conditions observed.

Area of application:

  • drinking water treatment from a wide range of contaminating agents (the products of ozone treatment and chlorinating).

It is recommended for aqueous-alcoholic solutions treatment, processing solutions treatment in different processes, for food processing industry (brewing, producing of such soft drinks as juices, fruit drinks, quass and quass drinks).

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