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TU 2162-321-05795731-2007

Activated carbon of DAUSORB-SRSh grade represent a special grade of carbons intended for mine water treatment at coal-mining facilities. The carbon may be used as a filtering-and-absorbing bed at water treatment plants and municipal facilities of water supply and waste water treatment, as well as in industrial waste and storm water treatment.

The carbon is made from special grades of coal by means of gas-and-steam activation at temperature of 850-900°С.

Due to its porous structure, the activated carbon of DAUSORB-SRSh grade is a multipurpose carbon serving to adsorb various organic compounds.

The mechanical strength of the carbon allows using big volume unit constructions, thus assuring a long service life

Activated carbon of this grade can be subject to thermal regeneration resulting in recovery of the initial properties along with little loss of weight.


Parameter Standard
Appearance Dark grey or black irregular grains free from mechanical contamination
Size distribution, %,
> 5 mm, min
1-5 mm
< 1 mm, max

not restricted
Abrasion resistance, %, min 70
Moisture mass content, %, max 10
Bulk density, g/dm3 shall be recorded(600-700)
Iodine absorption value (iodine number), mg/g, min 400

Guaranteed life: 3 years, provided that the storage conditions are observed.


  • mine water treatment at coal mining facilities;
  • filtering-and-absorbing beds at water treatment plants and municipal facilities of water supply and waste water treatment;
  • industrial waste and storm water treatment

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