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Granulated activated carbon SKD

TS (technical specification) 2162-294-05795731-2007

Granulated Activated Carbon SKD-515 Activated carbon brand SKD is designed for drinking water clearing from dioxines and xenobiotics.

It is produced in the form of cylindrical black granules from fine dust (mineral coals mixture) and adhesion agent by steam treatment at the temperature of 850—950 °C.


Parameter Standard
Appearance Cylindrical granules of dark-gray or black color without any mechanical impurities
Granules size:
> 1.5 mm, %, not more than
1.0 mm, %
>0.5 mm, %, not more than
< 0.5 mm, %, not more than

not stand.
Abrasion strength, %, not less than 75
Moisture weight content, %, not more than 3.0
Total pores volume on water, cm3/g, not less than 0.7—1.0
Adsorption activity on methylene blue, mg/g not less than 190

Warranty period shall be 3 years provided storage conditions observed.

Areas of application:

  • drinking water treatment from dioxins and xenobiotics;
  • high capacity filters;
  • small and medium capacity filters, and household filters;
  • water treatment in brewing.

Possible area of application: industrial drains treatment.

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