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Granulated Activated Carbon AGS-4

TS (technical specification) 6214-210-05795748-95

Activated carbon AGS-4 is produced in granulated form from coal dust and adhesion agents by steam treatment at the temperature of 850 — 950 °C.

Activated carbon AGS-4 is used for clearing sugar syrups at sugar refineries, for drinking water treatment, it may be used for sewage disinfecting.


Parameter Standard
Appearance Cylindrical granules of dark-gray or black color
Granules size:
> 3.6 mm, not more than
2.0 — 3.6 mm
< 2.0 mm, not more than

not standardized
Abrasion strength, %, not less than 65
Moisture weight content, %, not more than 10.0
Total pores volume on water, cm3/g, not less than fixed
Adsorption activity on molasses, %, not less than 70
Water extract рН, not less than 8.5
Apparent density, g/dm3 fixed

Warranty period shall be 3 years provided storage conditions observed.

Areas of application:

  • cleaning of starch-molasses solutions, sugar syrups, glucose, xylite.

Possible area of application: high capacity filters.

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