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Granulated Activated Carbon AG-3-KP

TS (technical specification) 2162-076-05795731-01

Activated carbon AG-3 KP is produced in granulated form from coal dust and adhesion agents by steam treatment at the temperature of 850 — 950 °C.

Activated carbon AG-3 is a universal material for cleaning molasses solutions.

It is used as filtering-and-adsorbing charge in the absorbers and filters. Due to its mechanical strength the carbon may be applied in large volume constructions thus ensuring long service resource.

Activated carbon of this mark may be exposed to thermal regeneration with high degree of original properties recovery with little weight loss.


Parameter Standard
Appearance Cylindrical granules of dark-gray or black color
Granule size, mm 1.5—2.8
Abrasion strength, %, not less than 75
Moisture weight content, %, not more than 5.0
Activity on molasses, %, not less than 75
Apparent density, g/dm3, not more than 400—550
Water extract рН fixing

Warranty period shall be 3 years provided storage conditions observed.

Areas of application:

  • cleaning of starch-molasses solutions, sugar syrups, glucose, xylite.

Possible area of application: high capacity filters.

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