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Activated Carbons

Activated carbons are manufactured in the form of cylindrical and spherical granules, irregular-shaped grains (crushed) and fine-dyspersated powder. Activated carbons are manufactured by heat treatment of carbonic raw material without air access, and then at the presence of oxidants. An activated carbon is in itself a porous material consisting basically of carbon. It has a highly developed general porosity, wide range of pores and significant quantity of specific absorption surface. Such features enable for effective use of carbons for treating liquids from wide spectrum of admixtures (from small-sized, commensurable with iodine molecules, up to molecules of greases, oils, petroleum, chlororganic compounds).

PLC SORBENT produces ecologically clean carbons of steam-gaseous activation (superheated steam is used).

The steam-gaseous activation at the temperature of 800—950 °C constitutes the oxidation of carbonized products into the gaseous ones in accordance with the reaction:

At the excess of water vapor:

While the activation process the required porosity and specific surface are developed and the mass of solid substance decreases significantly.

Our experts will help you to choose the required mark of carbon, will advise you on correct storage and application of carbon.

We produce carbons of three kinds:

Areas of activated carbons application:

  1. Chemical Industry
  2. Fuel and energy industry
  3. Metal manufacture
  4. Food-processing Industry
  5. Farmaceutical Industry
  6. Nature protection actions
  7. Water treatment
and many others.

Today, we produce a wide range of activated carbons that have proved themselves in most different technological processes.

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