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  • Commencement of the Company construction
  • Start-up of the first block of activation furnaces, manufacturing of wood based activated carbons (equipment made by Dessau and J.Pintsch)
  • manufacturing of charcoal BAU
  • Manufacturing of drupaceous carbon KAU, cleaning charcoals, carburizer
  • Official date of the Company creation

  • The Company is set up as a wood-based activated carbon producing factory.
  • As the production facility is reorganized for wartime, the Company manufactures the first batch of military gas masks.
  • Manufacturing of coal based activated carbons (equipment made by Srep).
  • New activated carbons, absorbers, and catalysts are produced to serve the ground for the mass production of civil gas masks.
  • The Company produces Petryanovs filtering cloth (efficient filtering material consisting of ultrafine fibers) to manufacture high-performance industrial air filters.
  • Manufacturing of protection means for civil defense needs
  • Mass production of Rodnik household filters intended for potable water purification is launched. That is the first household filter mass production in the USSR. To the present day, the Company has been producing enhanced and new models of water purifying devices.
  • Creation of the Ural Manufacturing Association SORBENT
  • On December 7 open joint stock company SORBENT UMA SORBENT assignee was registered.

  • With its new water purification program, Sorbent manufactures new activated carbons and coagulants: aluminium sulfate and aluminium chlorohydrate.
  • Start-up of aluminum sulfate production.
  • Trademark SORBENT registration
  • Start-up of production of water treatment devices.
  • Introduction of aluminum hydroxochloride production.
  • Trademark RODNIK registration.
  • Introduction of aluminum hydroxochloridesulphate.
  • Production of MBK-10
  • The Company switches to new system of personal protective equipment standards harmonized with European regulations.
  • Mass production of multi-purpose fire protection equipment is launched. Fresnel lenses, intended for vision correction while wearing respiratory protective equipment, are tested and certified.
  • Sorbent launches DOT-series filters manufacture for industrial gas mask and respirator packages.
  • Manufacturing of aliminumferrous coagulant
  • Development of new household filter-jug
  • Panoramic mask MAG (for gas masks)
  • Modified coagulant of new generation (black)
  • Sorption facilities for liquidation of mineral oil outflow (sorption and safety facilities emergency case).
  • Light respirator RLS (Respirator Light Sorptive).
  • The Company develops and successfully tests for compliance with national standards child protection respiratory filtering sets intended for peacetime and wartime usage and self-rescue escape kits for adults and children aged 12 and up under the contract with MChS of Russia (Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergency Management, and Natural Disasters Response).
  • New models of IRPD are worked out:
    • Portable self-rescue breathing apparatus (including children version)
    • Set of children protective cloth
  • Applied in industry:
    • coconut based activated carbons
    • technical detergents
    • charcoal breakers
  • Full-scale production of new generation high performance civil gas masks is launched.
  • Sorbent develops and launches mass production of gas masks with dual-use VK filter designed to protect industrial personnel and civilians.


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